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Welcome to the home of the Hipster Beard

Hipster Beards is an Amazon Affiliate site. We bring together all of the best hipster beard products in one place. Beard oils, shampoos, grooming tools, conditioners, beard books, T-shirts and a whole lotta beard lovin’. You’ll also find tutorials on how to look after your hairy buddy and news on beard related stuff. Hipster Beards – Love Thy Beard.


The Top 10 Movie Beards

1st April 2016 / 0 Comments

The Top 10 Movie Beards To be a great actor, you’ve got to be prepared to commit. Not only to your character’s idiosyncrasies, weird limp, or bizarre southern accent, but also to their facial hair. If your character has a beard, then you need to grow a beard. A real one. None of this...

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How to Wash & Look After Your Hipster Beard

2nd March 2016 / 0 Comments

How to Wash & Look After Your Hipster Beard Once you’ve grown your beard, you’ll come to realise you’re just as attached to it as it is to you. Your beard will become an integral part of your overall look and character, shield you from icy biting winds, and present you as the ideal...

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How to grow a hipster beard

25th February 2016 / 0 Comments

How to grow a hipster beard There isn’t really a magic formula when it comes to growing a beard. Although you can try to encourage growth with vitamins, supplements, and improvements to your diet, it’s largely down to genetics and waiting. And if you’re lucky enough to sprout thick,...

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